Daniel Johnston, foto por Getty Images/Ringer illustration

Tras la noticia de que Daniel Johnston murió después de sufrir un ataque cardíaco a la edad de 58 años, muchos músicos y artistas han compartido homenajes al influyente compositor. “No hay suficientes palabras que pueda decir sobre la importancia y vitalidad del espíritu musical de Daniel Johnston”, escribió Zola Jesus. “Fue una gran inspiración para mí, seguir mis impulsos creativos sin importar cuán desordenado o simple”. A continuación, encuentren recuerdos de Judd Apatow, John Darnielle de The Mountain Goats, Beck y otros.

A principios de este año, The Flaming Lips, Built To Spill, Yo La Tengo y más realizaron un concierto homenaje en honor del “Hi, How Are You Day” de Austin, Texas, que apoyó a quienes luchan con problemas de salud mental.

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All the good ones leaving us. Thanks for everything and rest easy DJ. You’ve been a constant source of joy and inspiration to us all. If anyone in this world has earned their wings it’s you xoxo . . . I shared this story last year after revisiting The Devil And Daniel Johnston and being blown away by it twice over…but the first time I saw that doc was in high school with my friend Griffin. After we left the theatre we looked up his parents phone number in the white pages and called his house in Texas and said we worked for a magazine and we had an interview with Daniel, and just like that, they put him on the phone. We spoke briefly about the Beatles and who knows what else. We simply couldn’t believe we were speaking with one of our heroes. Griffin later went on to visit Daniel and play music with him for a day. I saw him a few years later with @cassieramone in New York. I remember him up there singing with his lyric sheets and looking happy. Daniel was a spark of magic.

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